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Learn Ethical Hacking Online — 9 Courses At Lowest Price Ever


How to become a Professional Hacker? This is one of the most frequently asked queries we came across on a daily basis.

Do you also want to learn real-world hacking techniques but don’t know where to start? This week’s THN deal is for you.

Today THN Deal Store has announced a new Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle that let you get started your career in hacking and penetration testing regardless of your experience level.

The goal of this online training course is to help you master an ethical hacking and penetration testing methodology.

This 76 hours of the Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle usually cost $1,080, but you can exclusively get this 9-in-1 online training course for just $43 (after 96% discount) at the THN Deals Store.

9-in-1 Online Hacking Courses: What’s Included in this Package?

The Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle will provide you access to the following nine online courses that would help you secure your network and become a certified pentester:

1. Bug Bounty: Web Hacking

Hackers breaching a system or network of a company could end up in jail, but legally hacking and responsibly reporting it to the respective company could help you earn a good amount.

Even Google and Facebook paid out $6 Million and $5 Million respectively last year to hackers and bug hunters for discovering and reporting vulnerabilities in their web services as part of their bug bounty programs.

This course will help you explore types of vulnerabilities such as SQL, XSS, and CSRF injection and how you can use them to legally hack major brands like Facebook, Google, and PayPal and get paid.

2. CompTIA Security + Exam Preparation

If you are a beginner and you want to try your hands and make a career in the cyber world, then you need a good certification.

Beginning with basic security fundamentals, threats and vulnerabilities, this course will help you walk through more advanced topics, providing you with the knowledge you need to pass the globally-recognized CompTIA Security+ certification exam in one go.

3. Ethical Hacking Using Kali Linux From A to Z

Kali Linux is always one of the most modern ethical hacking tools and a favourite tool of hackers and cyber security professionals.

This course offers you with the knowledge about Kali Linux – one of the popular operating systems that come with over 300 tools for penetration testing, forensics, hacking and reverse engineering – and practising different types of attacks using its hacking capabilities.

4. Ethical Hacking From Scratch to Advanced Techniques

Since every single day a company is getting hacked and having its website shut down or customers’ data compromised, ethical hackers are in demand. If you want to take steps closer to a new career in ethical hacking, this course is for you.

This course will help you learn how to bypass different security layers, break into networks, compromise computers, crack passwords, crash systems, and compromise apps, emails, social media accounts, and then evaluate their security, and propose solutions.

5. Learn Social Engineering From Scratch

Social engineering has been the primary cause of most high profile cyber-attacks in recent years. The impact of it on an organisation could result in economic loss, loss of Privacy, temporary or permanent Closure, loss of goodwill and Lawsuits and Arbitrations.

This course will help you learn how to hack into all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, use social engineering to deliver Trojans to a target, and interact with the compromised systems, as well as protect your company from such attacks.

6. Learn Website Hacking and Penetration Testing From Scratch

To protect your websites and infrastructure from getting hacked by hackers, you first need to think like a hacker.

This course will help you learn how to hack websites and applications by carrying out different cyber attacks against it as a black hat hacker but fix those holes that allowed you to hack them like a white hat.

7. Hands on, Interactive Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking

This course will teach you, in real time, each stage of a penetration testing environment so that you can tweak and test your skills.

You will also learn how to use Rapid 7’s Metasploit to exploit targets and run post exploitation techniques, utilise PowerShell with Empire, and evade anti-virus software from major vendors.

8. Complete WiFi and Network Ethical Hacking Course 2017

WiFi hacking is an all time hot topic among hackers as well as penetration testers.

This online Wi-Fi and Network Ethical Hacking course are structured in a way to provide you with an in-depth, hands-on, comprehensive information on Wi-Fi hacking and its security to protect it from any cyber attack.

By the end of this course, regardless of experience, you will be able to break all types of WiFi encryption methods and ready to start pursuing your career in network security.

9. Cyber Security Volume I: Hackers Exposed

Internet security has never been as important as it is today with more information than ever being handled digitally around the globe, government conducting mass surveillance, and hackers stealing sensitive data from the ill-equipped networks, websites, and PCs.

This course will walk you through basics of hacking to an understanding of the threat and vulnerability landscape, build a foundation to expand your security knowledge, and protect yourself and others.

Join All Online Training Courses For Just $43

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DSA-4118 tomcat-native – security update

Jonas Klempel reported that tomcat-native, a library giving Tomcat
access to the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) library’s network connection
(socket) implementation and random-number generator, does not properly
handle fields longer than 127 bytes when parsing the AIA-Extension field
of a client certificate. If OCSP checks are used, this could result in
client certificates that should have been rejected to be accepted.

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Re: Defense in depth — the Microsoft way (part 51): Skype's home-grown updater allows escalation of privilege to SYSTEM

Posted by Jeffrey Walton on Feb 16

Not sure if this is related, but:

Microsoft today squashed a bug that was found in Skype’s updater
process earlier this week. However, it seems the company’s method for
stopping the flaw is to kill off the Skype classic experience. If that
is the case, users of Skype on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 could lose
access to the service.


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[CVE-2018-5767] Remote Code Execution Walkthrough on Tenda AC15 Router

Posted by Kurtis on Feb 16

** Advisory Information

Title: [CVE-2018-5767] Remote Code Execution Walkthrough on Tenda AC15 Router
Blog URL:
Vendor: Tenda
Date Published: 14/02/2018
CVE: CVE-2018-5767

** Vulnerability Summary

The vulnerability in question is caused by a buffer overflow due to unsanitised user input being passed directly to a
call to sscanf.

** Vendor Response

Numerous attempts were made…

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Local Privilege Escalation in CrashPlan’s Windows Client Version 4

Posted by Florian Bogner on Feb 16

Local Privilege Escalation in CrashPlan’s Windows Client Version 4

Release Date: 15-Feb-2018
Author: Florian Bogner //
Affected product: CrashPlan’s 4-series and earlier Windows client
Fixed in: CrashPlan’s version 4.8.3 Windows client; version 5 was never affected by this issue
Tested on: Windows 7
CVE: Not requested

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: Vulnerability Disclosure (Web Apps)-Bravo Tejari Web Portal-CSRF

Posted by Arvind Vishwakarma on Feb 16

Vulnerability Type: Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
Vendor of Product: Tejari
Affected Product Code Base: Bravo Solution
Affected Component: Web Interface Management.
Attack Type: Local – Authenticated
Impact: Unauthorised Access

Product description:
Brao Tejari is a strategic procurement platform that enables organizations
to generate more value,…

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F-Secure Radar Persistent Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Posted by Oscar Hjelm on Feb 16

F-Secure Radar Persistent Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability


# Summary
The application can suggest metadata tags for assets, and in doing so it can execute JavaScript entered previously by a
malicious user.

# Vendor Description
F-Secure Radar is a turnkey vulnerability scanning and management platform. It allows you to identify and manage both
internal and external…

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F-Secure Radar Login Page Unvalidated Redirect Vulnerability

Posted by Oscar Hjelm on Feb 16

F-Secure Radar Login Page Unvalidated Redirect Vulnerability


# Summary
The application will upon successfully logging in redirect the user to a user-controlled destination. A victim user may
not recognise that a redirection takes place as they expect to be sent to a new page.

# Vendor Description
F-Secure Radar is a turnkey vulnerability scanning and management platform….

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