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AV-Comparatives Awards Panda Security with Gold for 2017 Performance

Today, Wednesday February 7, the independent laboratory AV-Comparatives celebrated the annual Awards Ceremony for manufacturers of IT security solutions that have undergone their rigorous tests over the course of the year. In 2017, Panda Security achieved the highest level of protection in the Real-World Protection Test, leading to the accomplishment of taking home the gold for the Security Awards of the same year.

Real-World Protection Test, the most demanding assessment 

In 2017, the independent laboratory AV-Comparatives submitted 21 computer security products for Windows to a rigorous investigation. All programs were tested for their ability to protect against real-world threats, identify thousands of recent malicious programs, provide protection without slowing down the PC, and remove malware that has already infected a device.

“AV-Comparatives’ Real-World Protection Test is one of the most challenging antivirus software tests there is. It simulates a typical user browsing the Internet. [It] is unique in the fact that it runs fully automatically, meaning no other testing lab can test against the same huge number of threats. Logging, screen video recording and sandboxing are all completely automated,” according to Andreas Clementi, founder and CEO of AV-Comparatives.

In order to distinguish products that achieve outstanding scores in the tests, the laboratory holds an annual awards ceremony. Panda has been recognized, among other things, for its ease of installation and use, a value which is further cemented by the excellent results obtained in the last 12 months.

The acknowledgments Panda Security received  in 2017 are the following :

“Real World Protection 2017 Gold Award” and “Approved Security Product” for its Panda Free Antivirus solution focused for homeusers and  for Adaptive Defense 360, the advanced cybersecurity solution for companies, respectively.

Initially focused on the creation of antivirus software, the company has expanded its line of business towards advanced cybersecurity services with technologies for the prevention of cybercrime.

With protection solutions and systems management and control tools, Panda Security will direct its actions both in the corporate market for companies and for domestic users. Its products are available in more than 23 languages for its more than 30 million users in 190 countries around the world.

AV-Comparatives: industry leaders in independent cybersecurity testing

AV-Comparatives is an independent, highly reputable organization and an established testing authority. Their analyses are focused on checking whether security software, such as PC-based antivirus products and mobile security solutions, fulfill their promises to users. Being certified by AV-Comparatives is highly valued by the industry and by customers.

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Don’t Let Yourself Become the Next Equifax

Last month we wrote about the biggest hack of sensitive personal data in history. Equifax, the financial entity that manages data for more than 820 million consumers and more than 91 million businesses around the world, suffered a global attack by an organized group called the PastHole Hacking Team, affecting customer data not only from the United States, but also Canada and the United Kingdom.

Following the recent events, it has come to light that the massive hacking attack is not the only grievance that the company has suffered. As it turns out, there was also malware on the company’s website.

Ars Technica reports that a security analyst named Randy Abrams came to the site to check his credit information when he encountered a fake Adobe Flash installer, one of those pop-ups that abound on the internet and demand that you “click here”, only to redirect you to some malicious site full of internet junk.

The subsequent analysis revealed that the “promoted” malicious software is called Adware.Eorezo and is marked as malware by only three cybersecurity solutions in the world, including Panda Security, testament to the great effort that went into hiding the code so as to cause as much damage as possible.

Panda’s good performance against Adware.Eorezo coincides with the AV-Comparatives Business Security Report recognizing the Adaptive Defense 360 ​​smart cybersecurity solution. This platform would successfully prevent an organization from becoming the victim of an attack such as Equifax. In the words of the independent laboratory, “Panda Adaptive Defense 360 ​​is managed by a well-designed, clearly laid-out cloud-based console, which would be very straightforward for less-experienced administrators to use. This makes it particularly suitable for small businesses, while its EDR features will make it appealing to corporations. ”

Now, the question is, how did attackers manage to slip past the security barriers at Equifax, a site with troves of incredibly sensitive data? Things may have turned out differently with the right security solution. Only unlimited visibility and total real-time control of advanced threats can be effective in protecting the IT infrastructure.

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Panda Security Achieves Highest Level of Protection in AV-Comparatives’ First Semester Report

The technologic efficiency of Panda Security’s solutions has once again earned top marks from the independent testing laboratory AV-Comparatives, in their first comprehensive evaluation of the year. The Spanish cybersecurity firm finds itself at the top of the heap with other world-class security solutions, having been placed in the highest certification tier, Advanced+, in this new edition of the Real-World Protection Test.


The 21 leading cybersecurity firms in the world included in the test have undergone, on an individual basis, a total of 1995 tests in the period from February to June 2017.

Testing in a real-world environment

Just as the nature of threats changes, evaluating solutions designed to counter these threats also changes. Techniques such as social engineering play a key role. Malware is increasingly focused on users — for example, tricking them into visiting infected web pages, installing malicious software, or opening emails with infected attachments. The perimeter is where the user is, so keeping it protected is probably the biggest challenge for security barriers. Also to be taken into consideration is the use of exploits as an infection vector, a method which remains extremely popular, as we saw with WannaCry. Because of this, AV-Comparatives focuses on using the same attacks that users face in the real world in order to evaluate the effectiveness of security solutions, so that users can then make an informed decision about who they’re going to trust to protect their most precious data.

It’s just as important for solutions to protect users from malicious programs as it is for them to correctly detect innocent programs. A solution that blocks good software from running could hinder the normal workflow of users’ computers. Obviously, the consequences are not quite as serious if a file from an unknown program is blocked erroneously, as opposed to a tremendously popular one. They solve this issue in the test by classifying programs according to their prevalence: “very low”, “low”, “medium”, and “high”. Solutions that fail in this section due to the number and severity of false positives given are automatically downgraded.

In this rigorous and dynamic testing environment, Panda Security’s solution achieved a 99.8% protection rate. “We are truly proud of Panda’s results in these tests, as we are harvesting the fruits of a years-long labor to create the most advanced protection technologies in the world,” commented Luis Corrons, Technical Director of PandaLabs. “Having a good detection rate for malware is very simple if you detect everything that moves, as Trend Micro does for example, which was downgraded because of the huge amount of false positives it turned out.”

“The same thing can be said,” continued Corrons, “if your solution achieves a low ratio of false positives: it’s as simple as not detecting anything at all. Only one of the solutions had 0 false positives — Adaware — but it is also the one that had the highest failure rate when it came to detecting malware.”

“If you somehow manage to have a lot of false positives and at the same time detect very little malware ­— as was the case with Microsoft, McAfee, and Symantec — that’s a different story altogether.”

“The trick is to find a balance. Out of the 21 tested solutions, only 4 gave no false positives within the low, medium or high range: Adaware, ESET, Kaspersky, and Panda. And the solution that detected the most malware was Panda, which places us at the forefront of global security solutions. ”

These favorable results, which Panda has been consistently getting over the past months, demonstrate once again the high security standards offered by Panda’s solutions.

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AV-Comparatives: Panda Security Tops the Charts in Detection

For the second month in a row, Panda Security has received a perfect score of 100% in malware detection within the parameters of the Real-World Protection Test from AV-Comparatives.

The evolution of cyberattacks, both in number and in complexity, makes it more necessary than ever to anticipate malicious behavior. With data gathered in the first months of this year, Panda has been able to single out three main factors of cybercriminals’ success:

  • More sophisticated threats, new attack vectors, and a higher number offensives.
  • More complex IT environments, with an overpopulation of devices, systems, and connections.
  • Traditional antiviruses, which do not evolve as quickly as attacks do.

Thanks to the development of products that respond to this malware evolution, Panda Security offers the most effective response to threats like ransomware and becomes the strongest ally in prevention, protection, and response in the face of the latest attacks.

This result confirms the success of the technological suite present in Panda’s solutions, for both private users and businesses, from freelance workers to large corporations.

Panda Security leads the ranks of favorable results in this month’s edition of the test, along with solutions from Bitdefender and VIPRE.  Once again, our solutions have been exposed to malware samples in real-world conditions and proven their ability to block 100% of malicious behavior.

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Adaptive Defense 360 Given Stamp of Approval by AV-Comparatives

Defending your devices in our hyperconnected world is no simple task. Your protection should include a wide range of defense mechanisms, a necessary deployment that, until now, has forced IT organizations to purchase and maintain a variety of products from different providers.

In December, AV-Comparatives gave their stamp of approval to the three principles of the Adaptive Defense 360 security model: continuous monitoring of all applications on company servers and workstations, automatic classification of endpoint processes using big data and machine learning techniques in a Cloud-based platform, and the possibility, should a process not be automatically classified, of a PandaLabs expert technician analyzing the behavior in depth.

“The evaluation by AV-Comparatives is a good reflection of the value of Adaptive Defense to our customers,” said Iratxe Vázquez, Product Manager at Panda Security. “We protect from and detect all types of known and unknown malware and zero-day security attacks (ransomware, bot networks, exploits, fileless malware, APTs, etc.), all thanks to the continuous monitoring of all processes running on our customers’ devices.”

The Adaptive Defense 360 solution has been endorsed as the first and only product that combines endpoint protection (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) in a single platform.

“As this solution classifies all executed processes, it cannot fail to record any malware.”

Efficacy Test

Panda Security’s advanced cybersecurity solution detects and blocks malware that other protection systems don’t even see. “We know that Adaptive Defense is easily one of the best solutions on the market, and we needed this to be certified by a prestigious laboratory in the world of security,” said Luis Corrons, Technical Director of PandaLabs.

Adaptive Defense 360 achieved 99.4% detection in the 220 analyzed samples and 0 false positives in the independent analysis performed by the esteemed AV-Comparatives Institute, which establishes this solution as the most advanced end-user cybersecurity software.

“For us it was essential that the tests were done with the utmost rigor, as we were looking for an environment that would perfectly simulate the real world and the threats to which companies are constantly exposed,” says Corrons.

The Intelligent Control Platform, a Synthesis of Machine Learning and Big Data

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are booming trends this 2017, allowing companies to use data science to optimize resources and improve their productivity. Imagine the effectiveness of a cybersecurity software that combines both of these trends.

“The protection that Adaptive Defense 360 ​​offers is much more than a marketing strategy,” said Iratxe Vázquez. “This solution is a protection strategy, a new security model that our customers will need in order to deal with cyber threats. The attacker continually adapts his behavior, easily avoiding traditional antiviruses. He infiltrates and acts quietly, making all kinds of lateral movements that we monitor, analyze and block before he reaches his targets.”

Adaptive Defense 360 ​​is part of an intelligent cyber security platform, capable of merging contextual intelligence with defense operations.

“We continuously monitor and evaluate the behavior of everything running on our clients’ machines, using Machine Learning’s adaptive techniques in Big Data environments, which gives way to exponentially increasing knowledge of malware, tactics, techniques, and malicious processes, along with reliable application information, “explains Iratxe Vázquez.

Adaptive 360 is also ​​integrated with SIEM solutions (Security Information and Event Management), which add detailed information on the activity of running applications at workstations. For those customers who do not have a SIEM, Adaptive Defense 360 ​​incorporates its own security event management and storage system for real-time analysis of information collected with the Advanced Reporting Tool.

AV-Comparatives has seen what we can do, and they liked what they saw. How about you? Have you witnessed intelligent cybersecurity in action yet?

Follow the links to download the first  infographic on the most notable examples of ransomware in 2016.

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