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With Avira SafeThings™, don’t fear the Reaper

With Avira SafeThings™, don’t fear the Reaper

Reaper, a potential successor to the Mirai botnet, is gathering strength with estimates of its size ranging into the millions of Internet of Things devices. It targets an array of new vulnerabilities in smart devices as it conscripts new members into its botnet army. Smart reasons to be nervous Security researchers fear Reaper could launch […]

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To Protect Your Devices, A Hacker Wants to Hack You Before Someone Else Does

It should be noted that hacking a system for unauthorised access that does not belong to you is an illegal practice, no matter what’s the actual intention behind it.

Now I am pointing out this because reportedly someone, who has been labeled as a ‘vigilante hacker’ by media, is hacking into vulnerable ‘Internet of Things’ devices in order to supposedly secure them.

This is not the first time

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Over 85% Of Smart TVs Can Be Hacked Remotely Using Broadcasting Signals

The Internet-connected devices are growing at an exponential rate, and so are threats to them.

Due to the insecure implementation, a majority of Internet-connected embedded devices, including Smart TVs, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Security Cameras, and printers, are routinely being hacked and used as weapons in cyber attacks.

We have seen IoT botnets like Mirai – possibly the biggest

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Internet-Connected Teddy Bear Leaks Millions Of Voice Messages and Password

Every parent should think twice before handing out Internet-connected toys or smart toys to their children, as these creepy toys pose a different sort of danger: privacy and data security risks for kids who play with them.

This same incident was happened over a year ago when Hong Kong toymaker VTech was hacked, which exposed personal details, including snaps of parents and children and chat logs

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How to Protect All Your Internet-Connected Home Devices From Hackers

How many Internet-connected devices do you have in your home? I am surrounded by around 25 such devices.

It’s not just your PC, smartphone, and tablet that are connected to the Internet. Today our homes are filled with tiny computers embedded in everything from security cameras, TVs and refrigerators to thermostat and door locks.

However, when it comes to security, people generally ignore to

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12-Year-Old SSH Bug Exposes More than 2 Million IoT Devices

Are your internet-connected devices spying on you? Perhaps.

We already know that the Internet of Thing (IoT) devices are so badly insecure that hackers are adding them to their botnet network for launching Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against target services.

But, these connected devices are not just limited to conduct DDoS attacks; they have far more potential to harm you.

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