Parents’ Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity

You may think that the world of cybersecurity is only populated with shadowy criminal organizations hacking elections and stealing corporate data, but cyberattacks afflict the big and small alike. Every day millions of cyberattacks hit the U.S. alone, and they’re growing in number and intensity every year. While governments and businesses beef up cybersecurity, cybercriminals modify their malicious software to …

Facebook Messenger Kids: Is it safe?

Facebook has always required users to be aged 13 or older before signing up for an account, placing services like Messenger and Instagram out of reach for most middle school children. Laws regarding data collection and advertising to children means that Facebook cannot easily make money from youngsters – so it has always been easier to simply block access. Despite …


New Study Shows “Fake News” Part of Parents’ Concerns about Online Activities

Controversies around “fake news” sites aren’t just nightly news fodder or political footballs. As it turns out, they’re new additions to the list of parental fears, sitting alongside computer viruses, social media, and online sexual predators. Parents today aren’t just worried about their kids watching internet porn. Many are concerned their child will read a Breitbart article or watch a …

Android Parental Controls and Virus Protection

Do I need to set up parental control on my kid’s Android? When their teenage daughter Jill transformed from enthusiastic and social, to insecure and angry, Frank and Susan (not their real names) went looking for answers. They found them on their daughter’s computer—she’d become a victim of cyberbullying. Frank and Susan found the evidence after they installed parental controls …


Cyberbullying and “13 Reasons Why”

How “13 Reasons Why” can help fight cyberbullying The Netflix TV series 13 Reasons Why has become a worldwide smash hit with teenagers drawn into the tale of a teenage girl’s suicide. Dealing with powerful issues like sexual assault, drugs, bullying and of course, suicide, the program has won praise from critics and viewers alike. The dark, adult tone of …

Porn filter: is it enough to protect our children?

UK to create new porn filter – but is it enough to protect your kids? The UK government has recently announced a range of new measures intended to help “police” the internet, identifying and prosecuting cybercriminals and terrorists for instance. In among the proposals of the digital economy bill are plans to restrict access to pornographic websites that breach specific …

How to keep your kids away from dangerous websites

When used correctly, the Internet is an amazing learning resource for your children. But just like any other “open” communications platform, there’s a lot of unsuitable content out there. As a parent, you want your kids to get the most enjoyment and education from their time online. But you also want to limit access to illegal or undesirable content – …

How to protect your children from cyber-bullying

As a new school year begins, many schools sadly will be setting out to tackle one of the most serious problems now spreading across classrooms: cyber-bullying. While new technologies have opened a whole new world of possibilities for children and adults alike, they have also opened the door to a new type of bullying, where bullies use phones and computers …

Infographic: tips and tricks for smartphone parenting

Lay the groundwork for responsible smartphone use, and manage the challenges and opportunities they bring. Our tips and tricks in the infographic below work best when used openly and honestly in partnership with the children – not as a stealth spying method. The post Infographic: tips and tricks for smartphone parenting appeared first on Avira Blog.

Back to school technology migration starts

The biggest annual technology migration of the year is about to start as millions of smartphones head off to machine learning centers. The post Back to school technology migration starts appeared first on Avira Blog.